Bend Walking Wine Tours

Enjoy PRIVATE wine tasting at 3 local tasting rooms while exploring the Old Mill District of Bend along the Deschutes River. Educational and insightful, these tours will bring you up to date on the Bend wine scene.
Tours begin at 1PM and are approxemently three hours long. Tours are offered Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Tasting rooms can include: Bledsoe, Elixir, Evoke, Stoller, and Va Piano.
Contact me for larger groups.

$35 per person.

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My walking wine tours are fun and educational. I have shared my wine tasting tips with thousands of clients over my 22 years in the wine industry. You will learn to taste like the pros. Each tour begins with a mini-seminar on wine tasting.
Please NOTE: These are "walking" tours from tasting room to tasting room. The distance is approximently one mile.

Featuring In-Home Wine Seminars

Offering PRIVATE wine tasting parties for your friends and family.
Practive social distancing with up to 8 people.

Most people learn wine tasting skills by observing others and never learn the proper techniques and the reasons why of wine tasting. I offer a fun and educational wine tasting seminar designed for your home wine party. You and your friends (up to 8) will learn to taste like a pro. We discuss the science behind wine serving temperatures, shapes of wine glasses, when to aerate and when not to, to name a few.

I'll bring four local wines from the tasting rooms in the Old Mill District, to open and explore with your friends. We will discuss the use of tasting notes and how these can help you develop a "palate" for your favorite wines. We'll start with a blind tasting and have fun "writing" our own tasting notes.

You and your friends will learn about the history of the Oregon wine industry and its origins. You'll be surprised where the post-modern grape growing developed first. Learn why pinot noir is such a big producer of Oregon wines. Finishing with the future of wine in the Central Oregon region.

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Wine Blog

I've been in the wine business for 20+ years and have acquired a certain over flow of wine talking points that I will gladly share with you. See what the latest tidbit is! Everything from tasting notes to how to pick a wine at the grocery store!
Let's Talk Wine !

wine tours of France

Visit France

I'm passionate about wine and even more passionate about visiting the vineyards of France.

Join me on a peersonalized wine tour of the Rhône Valley.
Splash Wine Tours

In Home wine parties

In Home Wine Seminars

Throw a wine tasting party at your home! I will share helpful wine tasting tips, the how and why to enjoy your wine, even provide wines to sample. My motto: "Everyone know how to Drink wine; very few people know how to Taste wine." Home Wine Party

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Bend Walking Wine Tours

Join me as your wine guide on a WALKING WINE TOUR of the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon. Each tour begins with my comprehensive "Wine Tasting 101" seminar. Learn the how's and why's of wine tasting to enhance your tour experience.
Wine Tour Details

H. Bruce Smith, Wine Guide

Little Rhine Bear

It all started back in my college days when my professor suggested I try some Gamay Beaujolais. I haven't stopped exploring new wines since. That was in the 1970's! I've done a lot of "research" since then and have followed my passion to California, Oregon, Virginia, Arizona, Italy, Canada, France, and beyond.

Wine guide I entered the wine industry in 2001 pouring wine at Raymond Burr Vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley AVA. After many years introducing new wines to visitors to the tasting rooms of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in California I began my days as a wine guide in 2007 as the owner/operator of Oregon Wine Country Tours out of Roseburg, Oregon. I returned to California and the Dry Creek Valley to continue my van-based wine tours for 3 three years only to return to Southern Oregon where I created Splash Wine Tours Currently, I am offering active wine tours to the Rhône Valley in France.

These days I offer walking wine tours of the Bend wine scene. There are only two small wineries operating in the surrounding countryside, so I sold my 14 passenger van and took to the pavement. Join me for a fun and educational wine tour of Bend's tasting rooms.

You can also book an in-home wine tasting seminar. Lots of fun and educational, as well!

Splash Wine Blog

I love to talk wine! I share a variety of topics from tasting tips to local wine tasting reviews.

Here's an excerpt from my current blog:
"Winter is here! For the grapes it's time to take a rest from all that hard work of making all those plump juicy berries.

We say they are "dormant." This is why they can survive the severity of Winter and come back swinging in the Spring.

Not much is happening at this time, perhaps a little root growth if the soil is not too cold. It is the time that the old growth is pruned back."

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Splash Wine Tours

Gather your friends together and sign up for the wine adventure of a lifetime with my week long tasting experience in the South of France this Fall 2020.

Bienvenue fellow wine enthusiasts and active tourists. Allow me to share my passion for wine and be your guide on an amazing adventure to Province in France. I offer a customized itinerary for your group (4 to 8), such as wine clubs. My style of touring is "home-based." Unpack once and explore from a central location. Your lodging is complete with full kitchen, where the group can prepare meals or decide to eat out. Daily forays into the surrounding picturesque countryside (bring your camera), will find us hiking or biking in the mornings and wine tasting in the afternoons.

Splash Wine Tours

Home Wine Tasting Party

Have you ever wondered why people swirl their wine? Or what the proper serving temperature of a Syrah wine is? These and a list of informative topics will be offered in an informal wine tasting party right in the comfort of your own home.

I'll bring wine to taste, demonstrate proper serving techniques, and conduct a blind wine tasting game. Follow the link below for more details and to book your own wine tasting event.

Wine Tasting Party

Bend Walking Wine Tours

Join other wine enthusiasts as we explore the Bend wine scene of the Old Mill District. Each tour begins with a comprehensive review of proper wine tasting techniques. We will visit 4 local tasting rooms and discuss the variety of different wines offered. Background and history of the Oregon wine industry will help you appreciate the selections. Groups are 2 to 6 tasters.

This is your opportunity to understand the nature of the wines you enjoy. I'll be your personal Wine Guru for the day.

Wine Tour Details

Splash Wine Tours

Join me for a wine tour adventure to the Rhone Valley of France. Follow your passion for exploring the homeland of such grapes as Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier!
I offer an active and educational wine tour to include hiking and biking through the vineyards of the South of France. The week long tour is based near the iconic wine town of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Breathe the air, walk the vineyards and drink the wine. Immerse!